Ski Boot-fitting information                                                                                          
The Lowdown
: Ski boots are the most important piece of hardware that you use when skiing. They are the platform that transfers the technique, power and preci
sion to the skis. This platform needs to be as supportive, stable and as comfortable as possible.

When skiing, you need to have the maximum performance generated by your boots to your skis for the best edge hold, quick response and stability possible. Ski boots are designed to minimize lateral ankle movement and provide appropriate resistance to forward flex, generating power through the boot to the ski. They should support your foot and lower leg so that maximum performance is achieved and therefore, you need them to be fitted professionally.


Fitting Ski Boots is vastly more specialized than having shoes fitted and only ski boot fitters with years of experience and training will do it properly. Expert Ski Boot fitters need a huge amount of knowledge to be able to create the perfect marriage between the boot to a skiers foot; focusing on shape, instep height, lower leg shape, physical strength and skiing ability.

As well as this, fitters must have an in depth knowledge of foot analysis, be proficient in customizing the shells and liners, create effective foot beds, use a variety of boot fitting tools, use custom fitted liners such as foam and Zipfit, and have a good knowledge of Biomechanics, including alignment. Problem solving is key too and this only comes with experience and training.  A retailer should also have an excellent boot lab and good selection of boots to enable the boot fitter to do a professional job.

Training Courses

Skibootpro Ski Boot-fitting courses

Note: BSBA courses are presently suspended

See Anything Technical, Boot camp and Maserterfit University for alternative training courses.

We have designed a training programme with increasing levels of expertise, culminating with a University Diploma. To deliver this, we have gathered a group of master boot-fitters who have over 100 years of boot fitting experience behind them. We will offer training courses nationwide with formal accreditation at each level.  All aspects of boot-fitting will be covered from basic fitting to boot customization, foot analysis, alignment, foot bed customization, foam and zip fit and problem solving.

The courses provided by Skibootpro will be primarily held in London, Bicester and Kendal though we plan to have regional courses too and bespoke courses can be organised with us by individual retailers.

 Our courses are run by some of the best and well known master boot-fitters in the country. Our Skibootpro trainers have sold 1000’s of ski boots, custom insoles and amassed a huge wealth of experience that we are keen to share with you. We’ll teach you the art of Ski Boot fitting, giving you the opportunity to start the journey to become a professional boot fitter. This is a rare opportunity to be trained by the best in the business and allow you entry into one of the most exciting industries in the world.

For details of course look at the course information and syllabus pages.