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Note: BSBA courses are presently suspended

See Anything Technical, Boot camp and Maserterfit University for alternative training courses.

BSBA's training school Skibootpro, provide the following courses :

 BSBA Courses
Retailer cost
3+ staff  pp
Entry level
 Boot fitting 101 £150
 1 day practical
& online learning

 Boot fitting Professional 201 £200

 2 day practical,incl
 footbed workshops
online learning
& assessment

 min 1 yrs experience
 Boot fitting and 101
 Bootfitting Masterclass 301
 2 day practical,
  online learning
& assessment
min 2 yrs experience
 Boot fitting and 101,201

 Fast track Combo (101,201)
2 day practical,incl
 footbed workshops
online learning
& assessment
min 2 yrs experience
 Boot fitting
 Diploma in Ski boot
 (accreditation pending)
 £1500 n/aOnline learning
and Exam

3 years experience
 Boot fitting and 101-301

 Course Dates
 Aug Sept OctNov
 Boot fitting 101

See Bootcamp website and/or
Anything Technical websites
 Boot fitting Professional 201

NB 201 suspended at present
 Bootfitting Masterclass 301

NB 301 suspended at present


Note: Max course size is 8 students per trainer. (Courses are subject to change)

You must have at least a season's boot fitting experience between the 101/201/301 courses. We need a written confirmation of this by a shop manager/owner; unless there are exceptional circumstances. ie fast trackers with the relevant experience.

Please state and interest by contacting us, with your location, so that we can organise training locations for Level 101, as close as possible to the demand. We have to run 201 and 301 courses in our specialist boot labs due to the content of the course, which requires appropriate facilities. (Apart from bespoke courses where a retailer has a suitable boot lab on their premises available)

Anything Technical and Boot Camp
Both these training companies are affiliated with BSBA for their boot fitting courses. If you have attended an Anything Technical or Boot camp course, you gain exemption from Skibootpro 101

Masterfit University
BSBA recognise the Masterfit University courses. If you have completed their Boot fitting course we award you BSBA level 201 when you join the BSBA. This enables you to sign up for 301, however you still must have 4 years/seasons minimum boot fitting experience to enroll.

Course Bookings
Contact us for a membership/booking form. Payment can be taken by paypal, simply log-in and pay, or we can supply BACS information

BSBA aim to be inclusive, not exclusive, but does represent a standard of excellence
 (therefore evaluation must take place to become a Full member)

Course Feedback

101/201 Bespoke course, Sept 2011 "Hamish and Michelle delivered a very good training session in store that worked well for us and enabled us and them to target and put more emphasis on the areas that we were really interested in.   Highly recommended!" Alpine Room

201 course 16/17th Oct 2011 " Very informative course which I really recommend to anyone who is thinking about being a boot fitter" Tom Pinches, The Boot Lab

"Amazing, really enjoyed it, very Informative, thorough and engaging"  and "Thanks for sharing knowledge that has taken years to collect. Will definitely do 301!" Gavin Jones, The Boot Lab

"Great course, very in-depth. 10/10" Tom Durrant, Edge and Wax

"Excellent, very informative, enjoyable and  lots of information" Steve Down, Full cert Instructor

"Think this should be part of ski industry training as it will greatly advance the industry"
Tristan Brookes, Carters