Course Syllabus:                                                                                                             

Note: BSBA courses are presently suspended

See Anything Technical, Boot camp and Maserterfit University for alternative training courses.

Skibootpro Boot fitting 101

If you’re looking at taking a year out from study or life in general and want to gain key skills in boot fitting to allow you to get a job in a resort this will help set the foundation  to develop the skills needed to fit ski boots at a competent level. The course will put you on the road for a career in boot fitting.

  • How the foot works (basic biomechanics)
  • Foot measuring
  • Skier profiling and selling techniques
  • Foot type and shell selection
  • Basic Boot fitting problems, causes and solutions
  • Custom and pre-moulded insoles  (you will receive a free insole)

A one day course will not turn you into a professional boot fitter as this takes many years to accomplish yet you’ll gain the necessary skills to point you in the right direction.

Skibootpro Professional Boot fitting 201           

This course will take people with some boot fitting experience and teach the art of professional boot fitting. You’ll be taught concepts and ideas on biomechanics, customisation and the latest fitting techniques from technicians covering 60 years of experience. We’ll have interactive case studies to work through and you’ll receive a certificate of competence upon completion.

  • Foot and leg biomechanics
  • The secret of the foot
  • Foot shape and profile – critical fit dimensions and measuring.
  • Ski stance, posture and alignment
  • How a ski boots works – (levers)
  • Shell selection, checking, customisation and modification (stretching)
  • Advanced ski boot fitting, problems, causes and solutions
  • Ski boot canting, balancing and physical alignment issues
  • Custom insole moulding and grinding prefabricated insole fitting.
  • Selling techniques, refitting and add on sales
  • Health and safety protocols.


Skibootpro Boot fitting Masterclass 301

This course is geared for the seasoned professional wanting to take the trade of ski boot fitting to the next level. Here trainee's will be delve in to some of the medical issues relating to ski boot fitting, how to solve them and then also when to refer. A deeper understanding of biomechanics linked with the mechanics of ski boots will be revealed along with  how the body, the boot and the ski work together and when they don’t; and what to do about it. You will need to have completed 101 and 201 and also show a high level of competency to take this course.

  • Canting – anatomical, functional, structural
  • Muscles tension and weakness  - the affect on muscle – skeletal alignment
  • The body's way of compensation
  • Working with the body
  • Working with the boot
  • The body, the boot and the ski – 3 way linkage – how it all works together
  • When to refer

Fast track combo (101 and 201)

This course is designed for boot fitters with at least one season's boot fitting experience including custom moulding  footbeds and boot customisation. If you feel you can  fast track course 101 and wish to up your game with course 201 then this is the course for you. It will incorporate the syllabus of 101 and 201, though it will primarily focus on 201.

Bespoke Courses

Retailers who have specific needs regarding dates and possibly wish to uses their own premises for the training courses should enquire about a bespoke course. We aim to be as flexible as possible within the constraints of the course levels. Please contact us with your requirements. For example, a Retailer could team up with other retail associates to provide sufficient numbers and an appropriate location which a skibootpro trainer could run a course.